Helping small business owners transform paper chaos from piles to files giving the mental & physical space to do the work that matters.

The work-from-home job force has grown quickly over the last few months! Things have changed really quickly for even those who have worked from home for years. This change may have thrown a wrench into schedules and productivity.

For those that use paper everyday, moving work areas can mean time lost searching for to-do lists and imporant work. Paper clutter, family obligations, appointments, calendars and to-do lists add to visual chaos and….mental clutter.

Before founding Virtual Office Advantage, I worked in the corporate world  for very high-level executives managing their days as well as the company aircraft and completing special projects. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s where I began using the system that would become The Hagan Solution.

After managing executives, work with small businesses & non-profit associations, I learned the benefit of true organization. I take a simple system that you may be familiar with, customize it’s use, create an e-book that includes instructional videos and teach it through the eyes of an Administrative Assistant. The Hagan Solution was formed. The Hagan Solution helps small business owners transform paper chaos from piles into files giving the mental and physical space to do the work that matters. 

The Hagan Solution is intended for those who work in an office setting with other employees, home-based business owners and mobile professionals. For businesses, it helps owners and their staff keep mental clarity, increase productivity and help with workflow. Having all employees use the same filing Solution allows for others to locate necessary documents when their co-workers are away from their desk or to fill in when co-workers are out of the office. Offices don’t miss a beat when staff members are out on vacation.

Small business owners enjoy the same benefits, while also incorporating family organizational needs into their Hagan Solution.  Our work and personal lives are not separate from each other so I wanted to create something that would easily accommodate both aspects and be super quick to set and effective.

I’m teaching The Hagan Solution through the eyes and experience of an experienced Administrative Assistant  –  and mom. I take an organizational tool you may already be familiar with and teach you exactly how to set it up, incorprate and use it step by step, Imagine at the end of a few short hours having your paper chaos organized, be confident with how to use it for special projects and have mental clarity in work space.  I can help you with this by using The Hagan Solution!

After you purchase The Hagan Solution, you’ll receive an email from me with the link for the e-course. Download it and save to your computer. The Hagan Solution is a beautiful 30 page guide containing 5 lessons. Each lesson has it’s own video tutorial taught be me. Each lesson takes 25-30 per day.  You are going to learn the system while you implement it. In a few short hours you’ll be a pro and so organized. Because I want you to have the support you need and the ability to ask me questions, I will invite you to my brand new facebook group. I will come on live once a week to answer questions, give more organizational tips and offer a community.

The Hagan Solution was a game-changer for me. I learned not only the HOW of great organization, but also the WHY. And as a small business owner with a lot on my to-do list, having a simple solution for me to integrate organization into my daily routine has been amazing. This has been one of the best tools I have used to streamline my office – and I didn’t even realize how having a better organized office would also clear my mind. I thank you Tiffny – it’s like you knew exactly what I needed in my business and read my mind when you created this program!

Erin Cambier, CPRW

Executive Career Coach, Superior Career Solutions

The Hagan Solution helped me sort stacks of personal unorganized paper to make managing my home more efficient. It only took a few minutes a day during the week to take control of my paperwork. I also found the Solution to be able to be made to be very useful professionally by helping me to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Tammy Helsper

Senior Project Manager

The Hagan Solution single handed-ly took me from organized chaos to organized guru. I thought I had things pretty well under control except for paper – I just kept piling in a ‘neat’ pile but lacked the momentum to tackle it everyday because it only bigger – The Hagan Solution organized the pile into workable tasks I could complete and viola – NO MORE PILE!  I was so impressed it only took a couple hours to create and about 10 minutes each day to keep at it – my kind of system.  Easy to implement, easy to maintain, easy to customize for my life and business. Tiffny doesn’t seek to peg you in a hole for her method (meaning you MUST do it this way) but rather work with the methods you already have established – just making them more easily accessible and usable. The method cleaned my desk, but more importantly cleaned my life I could go on and on – Thanks Tiffny!

Rebekah Scott

Owner , Rebekah Scott Designs



Micro-businesses face special challenges.  We believe organization does not need to be one of them. The Solution shows business owners how to organize their paperwork from where they are right now.  You will work your way through those organizational challenges while actively setting yourself up for success!

Small Businesses

Smaller offices with two or more employees benefit by having work stations that are organized so each employee can quickly locate paperwork their colleague may have.  Whether an office is cross-training their employees or employees need a form at their colleagues’ work station, this is The Solution.

Medium/Large Businesses

Medium and large sized businesses have larger staff to accomplish tasks. Organization is just as important to ensure that cross training and file location is easily accomplished. The Hagan Solution ensures just that. Efficiency doesn’t need to be interrupted just because staff is not at their desk.

Professional Groups

School personnel, church administrators, Associations, Non-Profits and Management Staff can all benefit from The Hagan Solution. The Hagan Solution keeps lists, handouts, notes, classroom needs and more handy on the day you need them.  The Hagan Solution assists keep organizations organized and running smooth even when a staff member isn’t available.
I’m Tiffny Hagan, creator of The Hagan Solution. Micro-business owners face some tough challenges when it comes to their office organization. With a small handful of employees (or just the owner), tasked with multiple duties these organizational challenges could be aided by having an Administrative Assistant by your side.

This very Solution is used every day in our business and family to stay organized and focused.  I have used it in my daily corporate jobs, taught it to clients for use in their businesses and have used it to contain all the pieces needed for my client work. Over the course of 20 years, we have honed The Solution for you.

This is not another organizational system you buy off the shelf. This is The Solution to your daily organizational challenges!  Whatever it was that got you to this point, we are here to help you restore order to your office. I will walk you through step by step using both written instruction and video how to implement The Solution. You will also have access to a virtual tutor that will answer specific questions you may have. You need only a few common office supplies and you are on your way to taking back your time and your office.

There is no time like the present. The sooner you get started the sooner you can bring calm to your chaos.  You can download The Hagan Solution today and begin working as soon as you’d like. If you have it your breaking point, download The Hagan Solution right now and let’s get started!

Welcome to The Hagan Solution!




The Hagan Solution is the perfect way to get your daily workload organized. Download the pdf, gather the short list of supplies listed in the Solution and conquer your office organization! The E-book contains video tutorials and written lessons that will take you step by step from paper chaos to daily organzization! Learn the Solution in 25 minutes per day, implement the 5 lessons and end your week organized and empowered.