The Hagan Solution E-course is an E-book in PDF format, video tutorials, and printable worksheets for you to work the Solution.  The E-Course is the perfect option for those who need organization and are ready to get started.



The Hagan Solution E-course PROFESSIONAL includes the E-book (in PDF format, video tutorials, and printable worksheets for you to work the Solution), a done for you kit mailed to your door and access to our private Facebook group.  There you will have personal access to our Virtual Assistants who will answer questions and host Facebook LIVE sessions.


The Hagan Solution VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS offer in-depth, personalized teaching for those who are looking to overcome greater organizational challenges.  Virtual Workshops have limited availability due to individualized instruction and demand.

The Hagan Solution Virtual Workshops are currently full. 

The Hagan Solution was a game-changer for me. I learned not only the HOW of great organization, but also the WHY. And as a small business owner with a lot on my to-do list, having a simple solution for me to integrate organization into my daily routine has been amazing. This has been one of the best tools I have used to streamline my office – and I didn’t even realize how having a better organized office would also clear my mind. I thank you Tiffny – it’s like you knew exactly what I needed in my business and read my mind when you created this program!

Erin Cambier, CPRW

Executive Career Coach, Superior Career Solutions

The Hagan Solution helped me sort stacks of personal unorganized paper to make managing my home more efficient. It only took a few minutes a day during the week to take control of my paperwork. I also found the Solution to be able to be made to be very useful professionally by helping me to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Tammy Helsper

Senior Project Manager

The Hagan Solution single handed-ly took me from organized chaos to organized guru. I thought I had things pretty well under control except for paper – I just kept piling in a ‘neat’ pile but lacked the momentum to tackle it everyday because it only bigger – The Hagan Solution organized the pile into workable tasks I could complete and viola – NO MORE PILE!  I was so impressed it only took a couple hours to create and about 10 minutes each day to keep at it – my kind of system.  Easy to implement, easy to maintain, easy to customize for my life and business. Tiffny doesn’t seek to peg you in a hole for her method (meaning you MUST do it this way) but rather work with the methods you already have established – just making them more easily accessible and usable. The method cleaned my desk, but more importantly cleaned my life I could go on and on – Thanks Tiffny!

Rebekah Scott

Owner , Rebekah Scott Designs