What does this even mean?! From my heart, I’d like to gently but sincerely offer a thought to all my friends who have recently been “forced” into the reality of working from home a meaning.Grace means give yourself a break. A break from the shame, the guilt, the fear, the “should’s”. None of us get it right all of the time (or let’s be real – a fraction of the time). I’ve been working from home for almost 17 years and I am here to tell you – I consider my day a success when I can close my eyes and know I’ve done the best I can do that day.

The demands of the day are many. The stresses from the unknowns are many. But when you give yourself Grace (give yourself a break), you can close your eyes and know in your heart you’ve done the best you can do that day. Then acknowledge that, feel good about that, CELEBRATE that!
Some days that means all the things on your list get done. But some days…..some days may mean you covered the bare minimum. Acknowledge that, feel good about that and CELEBRATE that!

Be gentle with yourself. Hustle is not the word of the day today my friends. Grace is. 💕