When I was growing up my grandma had a cross stitch piece that hung by her back door that read “When you chop your own wood, it warms you twice”. As much as I like that cross stitch piece, it also meant a lot of work. My grandparents lived on an acreage which means we chopped wood (for what seemed like forever) for their fireplace. All that work was worth it in the end, but I didn’t look forward to it in the Fall.

Organizing is a lot like chopping wood. By that I mean that while we may not look forward to it, or we may even dread it, it’s worth it in the end. The feeling of rolling up our sleeves, grabbing a pile of papers and giving it a new home is one of pure satisfaction. Spending a little time in our office with a trash bin, shredder and filing system is not something we are naturally attracted to. But instead of going at this with a feeling of dread, maybe take a different approach. I like to look at organizing as making room for creativity, new dreams and oodles of productivity.

Often times as business owners, we think if we stop and take any time for anything in our business other than “work” we aren’t being productive. But the truth is that we can spark productivity simply by making our way though even a small pile of old papers. Giving something 10-15 minutes of dedicated time each day will go miles, quickly. This short amount of time spent daily, is enough time to make good progress while sidestepping the whole feeling of dread.

Give it a try. 10-15 minutes of dedicated time. No phone, no tv, maybe some fun music to pull you along. Grab a trash can, a shredder and a folder and begin. Toss anything that cannot be shred or filed for later use. If you want to look further into a really good and easy to implement organizational system for daily use, look into The Hagan Solution at www.TheHaganSolution.com. Dedicate this time for 5 days and see the results. I’m sure you’ll want to keep it going. This time will eventually become more of maintenance. 10-15 minutes each day. You can do this!