Small Business Saturday is coming soon and while I love most aspects of the day and what it stands for….for me everyday is small business day. And I love it! I’m working through a time of growth right now and it’s pulling me from my family a bit more than I’d like. There are the ebb and flow of my business so my family understands the longer nights in front of my computer screen.

When I’m being pulled from family time like I am now, I get very reminiscent of how things used to be in the beginning and all that my family has been through with me on this ride. The reason I started my Virtual Assistant business was because of my family. We had an infant at home and I could not bring myself to leave her and go back to work. And when I say I couldn’t bring myself to leave her, I mean I would drop her off in the morning and cry all the way to work and I could not get back to her fast enough. And when I say drop her off, I mean with my mother-in-law.

So after three weeks, I left my very last job. Let that sink in because after 16 years of owning a business when I say out loud to myself “I left my very last job” I didn’t have a plan and starting a business was never on my radar. But after talking with my wonderful neighbor one day, I found she had left her very last job as well and started a catering company. And she said “You can do it too”. And I did.

I can safely say that I am quite possibly the worlds worst employee. I saw no reason to sit in a cube to stretch out daily tasks for 8 hours per day when it should really take 3 hours. I saw no reason to stay in a place where I had no opportunity to continue to learn and stretch myself. There are a lot of people out there like me. Thank goodness! And I’m bless to have found a group of women entrepreneurs that support this squirreliness because they have it too.

Regardless of what you do in life there is always a “why”  and mine is my family. Our 2 kiddos are the very best thing in my life and I’ve been so blessed to be able to attend most of their games, performances and concerts and I’ve been able to be the volunteer driver, baker and so on. It’s meant late nights to make up for it. In the beginning I would work after I put the babies to bed. My creativity kicks in around 9 pm so I save anything creative for later nights. My husband is a morning person so went to bed early. After nights of my running ideas past him in great detail and him falling asleep, we came to the agreement that we don’t chat about anything after 8 pm.

I thank God everyday for all of the very many blessings He has given me. The biggest blessing has been the gift of my family and the gift of this business. Most small business owners that I am lucky enough to know also center around their families. It is important that we support small businesses on small business Saturday. It’s important that we support them all year long. I wanted you to know who you’re supporting when you support me. Thank you for that!