I have an entrepreneurial friend that is always “busy”. It doesn’t matter the season or day of the week, she’s “busy”. Which seems like a good thing, right? Busy, busy, busy. Busy=work=dollars is the thought. My thought on that is…Kind of. Here’s what I mean by that.

It’s often said that in today’s world “we’re all busy”. There’s so much to do, and there are so many systems and approaches out there now that allow us to fit even more into a day. Our client demands are great, our attempt at managing the day to day dealings of our businesses take time, continuing education of any kind seems like a long shot, networking so we stay top of mind and gain new business, keeping up on social media, returning phone calls and then there are family and personal needs that need to fit into our “busy” days.

What if you were to re-frame what you call your day? Change your approach to the day. Not some major overhaul or something new to learn, just re-frame your day and call it something different. Say the word “busy” out loud. Say it again. Now say it 3 times in a row. How does it make you feel about your day? Do you feel productive? Calm? Do you feel at all in control of your day? Or do you feel like the day ran you over?

If you use a calendar to plan out your day (even just a little bit, even just to frame out your day) you realize there are only so many hours in a day. You schedule meetings, phone calls, webinars and so on. Maybe you get to do some fun personal things like take the afternoon. At some point, your day is truly full! Think about it, think about some phrases we use when we talk to others. “How did you spend your afternoon?” ” What do you do to fill the time?” When you use words like “spend” and “fill” a whole different feeling washes over you. It’s more meaningful, calming and you feel in control.

How do I re-frame what I call my day? I never have a “busy” day, I have a FULL day. It’s intentional, I chose what I spent my time on. I chose how I felt and thought about my day. Say the word “full” our loud. Say it again. Now say it 3 times in row. How does it make you feel? Enriched, in control, meaningful, calming, do you feel in control? The beauty of saying “full” is you get to choose what you fill your day with. “I can’t meet with you tomorrow, my day is full”. “Can you pick my brain over lunch on how I started and grew my business over the last 15 years so I can fast track your business and save you time, money and tears? No I’m not able to, my schedule is full for the next little while.” You get the idea.

Having a “full” day doesn’t always mean you do less in a day. You have the choice on what you accomplish in a day. you just may find that if you are intentional with your time and in your mind know when you’re full, you’re full. It help calm the scattered feeling, you can think about the importance of being all things to all people to please them, you can regain control over your time. And that, my friends, is powerful!

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