Summertime is finally here! Kids are out of school, the weather is warm and the pace of a small business owners life is ….weird. Organization is key if you want to make it through in any sort of a joyous mood. Schedules don’t necessarily get easier during the summer, they just change. If you’re a home based business owner this can also mean multiple disruptions to your day. A train of thought can be a luxury!

Being an entrepreneur means you get to design your life! I love it and can juggle things really well. I’ve done it for 16 years and wouldn’t change it. How do I get things done and hang out with my kids?



That’s it.

I prep for the next day – today and I’ve taught my kids from the time they were little that we get our bags packed the night before with everything we need for the next day. If we’re going to the library, we wrangled all the books to be returned & the library cards, get them in the library bag and put it by the door. If we’re going swimming, same deal. If they have marching band practice then instruments and all their gear goes by the door. This also means we think about if all the laundry they need is clean and ready. If not there is plenty of time to tackle that. The benefit to preparing is that getting ready is done with a clear head. We’re not yelling at each other and ending up in tears. It can be stressful enough in the morning to get up and going, I hate adding the extra pressure of lost socks, shoes, small pieces or whatever else can’t be found to the mix. Because at our house, tears and bad moods happen and that’s a shitty way to start the day!

Let’s be real – I LOVE organization. This means I need to know where my stuff is at and where new stuff goes. Stuff can be personal stuff. kid stuff, business stuff, client stuff…. Whatever – stuff. I have one spot where permission slips, outgoing checks, payments, client work, to-do lists, phone & email lists and all the other stuff goes. One spot. One organized, daily spot where it stuff goes. Not in a pile, in a system. The Hagan Solution. I know when when I leave my home office for the day, my desk is cleared off and when I come to work tomorrow I know exactly what I need to accomplish. Everything is all together in one spot. ONE SPOT! I know what’s happening next Tuesday and the projects I need to accomplish in July. Because it’s all in ONE SPOT. Not in one pile, one spot. How?

  • It saves time because I’m not searching for pieces I need,
  • It saves money because I’m not missing deadlines or forgetting to invoice.
  • I sleep better because I don’t use so much mental bandwidth worrying about what’s due and when.

Best of all, I can be present when I’m with my family.

Choose whatever method of organization you like and works for you. If you’re interested in learning more about The Hagan Solution you can find it here: or shoot me an email. I’d love to talk organization with you!