A few months ago, we launched a new e-course called The Hagan Solution created for small business owners. It has been a dream of mine to help other small business owners organize their day to day tasks in the same simple way that I have been doing for a few decades now. I’ve taught this system – which is actually a solution – one on one to clients for years. It’s super effective and I am so excited to bring it to launch it in a beautiful e-book (thank you Ally Vogel @allyartanddesign !) with videos and printable worksheets.

Because this is my first crack at an e-course we asked for feedback on all the aspects of course. We got some fantastic feedback on both the good and the areas that needed improvement. We’ve made them and are so very grateful to all of you who not only trusted the quality and effectiveness of the course, but also that you shared with us how to make this even better. These suggestions will benefit everyone.┬áTHANK YOU!