Smile, it’s Friday!  To most entrepreneurs that doesn’t usually mean your week is “over”.  Let’s face it, it’s never really “over”, we just take a break.  We celebrate our successes along the way, reduce the number of hours we put in, and hopefully unplug a bit more than we do during the week.

So it’s Friday.  Are you ready for Monday? Do you have a routine to prep yourself for the beginning of the week?  A way to ease into the day?  There are 5 ways I prep every Friday.  They are not surprising or new but they are tried and true.  They will also ensure that Monday is awesome and you are set up for a week of success!

  1. Organize your desk: The pens need to find their home, paper gets put away, files are filed…give yourself a fresh start on Monday.  There is a lot to be said for visual clarity!
  2. Brain dump:  Call this one what you’d like.  The idea is that you take a few minutes and list out all of the tasks – large and small – that need to be completed (by you or delegated out).  Be as detailed as you can to save on rethinking time next week.
  3. Clear off voicemails and emails:  This is a great time to write down voicemails that need to be returned (and gather the info that may be necessary for the conversation).  While you have momentum take a few minutes and go through emails.  Delete off those no longer needed, respond to those that are quick to respond to and flag those to be returned on Monday morning.
  4. Review and set your calendar for the next week:  I typically set my calendar for the upcoming week at the end of current week.  This way I can plan my work week and it’s much easier to push off meetings that don’t fit into the plan.  When my mind and schedule are set, things go much easier.
  5. Close those apps!:  Yes, you will need to open them on Monday.  Again, think visual clarity.  Close out of what you are in now.  Open up to a fresh start on Monday.  Open what you need and don’t waste the mental energy on maybe why you had it open to begin with.  If there is something to finish you can add it to your list.

Visual clarity goes a long way toward being mentally prepared.  These tips have served me well over the last 20 plus years as an Administrative Assistant and entrepreneur.  Smile it’s Friday! You’re ready for Monday.

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