I work from my home office most of the time.  I have for over 15 years and would not do it any differently.  People often say, “I would love to work at home and be able to stay in pajamas all day”.    Or ” I’d love to be able to have my own schedule and go back to bed once my kids are at school”.

Really?  This is a total fantasy of what those of us who work from home actually go through every day.  In my early entrepreneurial days, I had the good fortune of working with (and for) others who had been at this a lot longer than I.  They passed along some great advice and I listened to most of it.  The most important piece of advice I got was:  GET UP!  DRESS UP! and SHOW UP!.  EVERY DAY.

Get up in the morning at the same time and get into your routine.

Dress up in the same way you would if you were in the corporate world.   Of course this doesn’t mean a daily dose of suit and tie.  What it does mean is take a shower, fix your hair, put on those clothes that make you feel good and productive.  A good guide to what this means is simple:  Would you actually go to the door when the doorbell rings or would you jump on a video call with a client? If the answer is no, this article is for you.

Show up every day.  Go to your home office every day with the passion and excitement knowing this is your business!  You chose this path, you continue to choose this path and you are good at what you do.   Bring your best you have that day and show up for yourself and your business.

None of us skip to work every day.  Some days we just don’t feel like it.  Life happens.  Try it, bring your best every day.   Get up, Dress up and Show up.  You’ll like what happens and how you feel about it.


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