For some, the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, needs no further explanation.  For some, that saying hits a raw nerve.  Sadly for others, they know they are the squeaky wheel and may even take pride in it.

You know the type.  They are that person in our family, schools, neighborhood or groups that whine, crab, complain, scream, bully and push their weight around until they get exactly what they want.  Make no mistake.  There is a huge difference between standing up for yourself – and being a “squeaky”.    Chances are that if a person can‘t tell the difference, they are a “squeaky”.  To me, there is not only a difference between us, but we are standing on the opposite sides of the road.

If I have a choice, I will not walk across that street to spit on their shoes.  However, sadly, there are times when the “non-squeaky” are forced into traffic in the name of the deal, or for the greater good or just in the name of keeping the peace.  Even just writing this, I feel myself taking a deep breath, sighing, and feeling the inevitable semi truck of emotion bearing down on me.

It really doesn’t make any difference what setting they are in or how you interact with this “squeaky”, the result is usually the same.  The “squeak” launching into their song and dance that they have done a hundred times before.   For me it’s never a question of giving up the fight.  But sometimes just to avoid the entanglement of gossip, emotions, dragging others in to the discussion and arguing over whom is right and wrong,  I like to side step the whole deal and move on.  Really it’s never about who is right and who is wrong.  Because the “squeaky” cannot possibly comprehend how someone could not want to just hand over what they are demanding.  The “non-squeaky” are really more interested in the common good, the overall good, no gossip and, honestly, not having their time wasted and their name drug through the mud.

Proudly I say that I am a “non-squeaky” and that all those that I keep company with are “non-squeaky”.   It’s a matter of character.  In business, as in life, my time and efforts are geared towards those with the same character as my own.  It makes business and life productive, clean and drama free.   Personally, I deal with my fair share of “squeaky”.  My gut will automatically kick in and my guard goes up.  The key for me is to step to the side and then move forward.  Take out the emotion, because the goal of the “squeaky” is to entangle you into their web and draw you across the street into on-coming traffic.  After all, it all about them and their goals, so I am usually a casualty.  There really is no way out once you have encountered a “squeaky” so we must revert back to our kindergarten lessons and remind ourselves that  the only thing we have control over is ourselves and how(or if) we respond.

So with this in mind, if we have to declare a “winner”, is it giving up or giving in if you don’t fight a “squeaky” to the end?  Because if you fight, who wins?  And more importantly, if you don’t fight but side step the drama, who wins?

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