At our house, we love the Halloween season in October. Decorating, pretending with costumes, seeing the little ones get excited running from house to house and sharing bowls of candy.  We also love the Christmas season in December. For the love of our Lord and Savior, for the extra time with our families, for the spirit of generosity in the air and for countless other reasons.

The time in between these two seasons is a powerful one. Thanksgiving Day is a date on the calendar. One in which we gather together with family and friends, spend time catching up with one another and enjoy a nice meal. This is the season we hear quite a bit about Giving Thanks for what we have and who we have in our lives. When we are young we are taught to count our blessings. Our blessings, when we really stop to recall and count them, are too numerous to count let alone to name. For those blessings we do count and name, are we grateful for them? Really truly grateful?  Thankful is a feeling that is generated within ourselves, it’s a feeling of appreciation. Being grateful however, is more weighted. Being grateful is directed outward and expressed. A blessing means having good fortune and happiness. For the month of November, good tidings of Happy Thanksgiving are expressed almost everywhere.

Then just like that, the calendar flips to December and we move on to a new season. As business owners, I’ve always wondered about this. We say similar sentiments to “thank you for your business”. However, are we grateful for them? They put their trust in us, in our experience and in our talents. They trust their businesses of all sizes and non-profits of all kinds to us and ask they we do our best for them. They trust that we represent them and help them not only to survive but to grow.  If we haven’t considered if we are grateful for them, have we considered that we are blessed to be working with them? After all, when you have clients that you enjoy working with, that trust you, that pay you for your services on time and who encourage you to continue to grow are a blessing.

I propose that we take time not only in November but all year round to let our clients know that we are thankful for them. That we are grateful for their trust in us. That we are blessed to have the have the opportunity to work with them on tasks they trust us with. The longer we are in business for ourselves, the further we get from being truly grateful for all of those clients who have gotten us to where we are now.  I don’t know if we get used to it or if we forget.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, before the calendar clips to December, I would like to heartfully thank each of my clients. You have encouraged me to grow and to flourish. I have learned from you and I hope to continue to learn to from you. Thank you for trusting in me.  I am thankful, grateful and blessed for this business you have helped me to build. I can honestly say that after 15 years I love it more today than when I first started. Each day offers new challenges, something new to learn and I get to push myself in directions I never new existed when I founded this business. I truly love my business and I hope it comes through in how we serve you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!





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