As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats. There are many responsibilities, meetings and honestly we are hardwired to be “on the go”. It can be difficult to turn all of that off and be still. Yet, in the stillness the really good stuff happens.

Mother Teresa (who it can be argued was herself an entrepreneur) wrote “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” In the stillness is where growth, renewal and creativity happens. Stillness does not just happen, we have to create the space and time for stillness.

Stillness is something I actually schedule in my day. I’ve done it for so long that it is “soft -scheduled” to happen in my day when I feel it. It started as a need (like lunch, lots of water and daily exercise) that I “hard-scheduled” each day. Stillness is restorative and joyful.

Lately I’ve been feeling “bored” and “restless” in my business. There are predictable times in the annual cycle of my business where this feeling looms heavily. So sitting in stillness becomes more than a daily exercise, it becomes a daily necessity. This time allows me to re-energize, reflect on why I’m feeling as I do, how I move forward and so on. More importantly the stillness gives me the space to create and let my mind wonder away from the reality of my to-do lists and call sheets.

Sitting in stillness eventually leads to the silence of my heart. After quieting my mind and asking the questions I need to ask, silence sets in. The beauty of stillness and then silence is listening for what comes next. Listening with our ears, heart, mind and body we hear answers and learn guidance. Stillness and silence are the only way we can clearly hear.

In the stillness is where growth, renewal and creativity happens. Stillness is restorative and joyful. Are you taking time to be still?