Like most of us, my day is spent communicating online.   I find it difficult at times to navigate not only what people are asking for, but often more challenging to get to the core of what they are really needing.  This is part of daily life.

Just as difficult for me is often navigating the emotion that comes through, whether via the written or verbal word.  Sometimes the emotion is stress, curiosity, forcefulness and sometimes anger.  Sometimes the emotion is “being nice” (as Midwestern-ers we often said that we are “South Dakota nice”).  I’m finding less and less that the interactions I have with people -even in “regular life”- is less kind.

I am grateful when people are kind to me, my children or to others.  Grateful.  As I am grateful for all that comes into my business, my team and I work hard on giving grace.  Personally I want to be known as someone who others want to work with.  Not just because I can perform a job they are paying me for.  But because I am grateful for them and want to give grace during every moment, not just the difficult moments.  I don’t mean “be nice” and smile.  I mean to be respectful to others whether they are a vendor or a long time client.  To be considerate and a person who is courteous and thoughtful and has tact.

Grace is beautiful and contrary to what some say – it is NOT a sign of weakness.   Grace is a sign of great strength and is something to be practiced.  Add a little etiquette into your emails and see what happens.  Take a moment and use your words from a grateful heart.  Grace is beautiful.  Grace changes everything!

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