Our Virtual Office is your Advantage!

After celebrating 15 years in business (with my husband by my side as my business partner), two children and countless experiences with clients, I wanted to begin sharing those tips and stories that people often ask me about.   It has been a wild ride and I hope that this is just the beginning.

This home based business was started when our first child was born. I just could not imagine taking her to daycare.  I drew on my eight years of corporate experience as an executive level administrative assistant to create a business based both on what I knew and what my strengths were.  A friend guided me through the legal steps to get started and the rest is history.

I wanted to share a little history about our company and myself so that as I share some stories and tips, you can see that I am rooted in doing what I know, drawing from experience with integrity and most important, listening to my gut instinct (and why you should ALWAYS listen to yours).

After college, my first “j-o-b’s” were as someone else’s assistant.  I’ve held an assistant position for the Area Conservationist within a government entity, an executive administrative assistant position with the CEO of a large national company and an administrative assistant position for a Vice President of an international company.  All were very good experiences and things I never thought I’d have the chance to do… like book flight itinerary’s on the company jets for members of the board coming in for annual board meetings.

For the last 15 years, I now do what I love to do and what I am good at, and that is ultimately being an Administrative Assistant.  I have just chosen to work for many, many businesses instead of just one employer.  Honestly, I cannot imagine it any other way.  I simply love what I do and want to share some tips of the trade that you can use every day to help take control of your day.  Let’s face it that no matter what you do, most of your time during your work day is in the hands of someone else.  The good news is that there are steps you can take that will make you more in control of your day and bring you to the top of your game – whether you are an administrative assistant or not.

I hope you find this all inspiring and that I am able to help you during your day.  If you do, the biggest compliment to me would be for you to share with your friends and let me know your thoughts.

Blessings to you!