Working from home can be great!   Most of us can power through projects and find ourselves more productive then when working in an office space.  The distractions are not the same, for the most part people (other than little tykes) are not wandering in and out of your office and you really have some control over your work day.

If we are being honest with ourselves, it can be lonely and somewhat boring at times. Although it does help to have on some background music or stream a favorite TV show to break up the day, sometimes we just need more.

A well timed coffee break with a friend or someone who recharges you, can be worth much more than the time away from the office. Getting away from your computer monitor and phone, having a change in scenery and seeing a friendly face who can make you laugh fills more than your coffee cup. It actually boosts your spirits, gives you more energy and combats the loneliness/boredom that does come with working from home.

If a break outside your office is not in the cards, other tried and true options are out there. Go for a quick walk around the block (better yet, take your 4 legged buddy with you if you have one – they get bored too), call a friend for a quick chat, spice things up a bit with what’s in your cup (think a smoothie, a different flavor or fruit for your water, something hot instead of cold…), stop and eat lunch. As odd at it may seem to some, sometimes we need to stop, unplug, turn off your phone, go where it’s quiet and just rest. Resting for a few moments helps to break the monotony of the day while recharging your energy level.

Give yourself a break from working from home and take a break. Help reconnect with the world and break up the day.